Sep 20 2014

SpinSat – Special Purpose Inexpensive Satellite



Fri Sep 19, 2014 11:52 am (PDT) . Posted by:


Per QRZ…. This SAT will be deployed form ISS 09/20/14.

IARU Satellite Coordination Panel report that SpinSat carries a 2 watt RF output AX.25 packet radio store and forward system on 437.230 MHz

Other items I found put the life of SpinSAT at >6mo.

more at:

NASA – SpinSat

NASA – SpinSat Overview | Description | Applications | Operations | Results | Publications | Imagery ISS Science for Everyone Science Objectives for Everyone

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Sep 19 2014

Homophobic Preacher drowned out by love

Published on Sep 16, 2014

A hate spewing preacher came to visit James Madison University, here is how her students responded.
300,000 views! Wow, thanks everyone!
Video of Preacher ranting before students moved in. /watch?v=n2jSVHc5NkM
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Sep 18 2014

Miranda Lambert brought to tears

Published on Sep 14, 2014 Miranda Lambert performing the song Over You LIVE in concert at The American Bank Center in Corpus Christi, Tx. on September 13, 2014.
Miranda Lambert brought to tears:
I was able to meet the family of the little girl that Miranda held hands with, in this video, right after the concert. The little girls name is Brooke Hester and she is battling stage 4 Neuroblastoma cancer. She is 7 years old and has been battling the disease for half her life. We were right beside her the whole concert and she was dancing around and having such a great time. God bless her and her family. I am including a couple of direct links below in case you want to follow Brooke, on Facebook, and also a link to their non-profit charity site. Feel free to reach out to the sites to make any requests or just to connect with her and her family.
Personal Blog:

Wikipedia:   Miranda Lambert

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Sep 17 2014

My Youngest Son is 38 Years Old

  Today is my son’s birthday.  He is my youngest and he is 38 years old.  My oldest "kid" is 44 years of age.  I got married at 26 years of age.
  So I could have had older kids. 
  But I feel old.  My only grandson is 26 years of age.

  Time goes fast.

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Sep 15 2014

Fort Worth Drug-Take-Back-Day

Madelyn Gibbs
, Fort Worth Neighborhood Education Office CITY

Hello to All,

Fort Worth residents have another chance to clean out their medicine cabinets as part of a federal Drug-Take-Back-Day. Over-the-counter and prescription medicines are accepted.
Nine drop-off locations will be open 10 am- 2 pm, Saturday, September 27th, Visit the City’s website: for more information and a location nearest you.

Can’t make it on the 27th? The City has permanent, year-round Take Back Meds drop-boxes at three Fort Worth police stations:

• Police Headquarters, 350 W. Belknap St. (open 24 hrs., 7 days a week)
• East Patrol Division, 1100 Nashville St. ( 8 am -5 pm, Monday-Friday)
• West Patrol Division, 3525 Marquita St. ( 8am-5 pm, Monday-Friday)

Getting rid of leftover or expired medicines can help prevent abuse and accidental overdose, but putting medicines in the trash or flushing them down a drain can pollute our drinking water.
As always, please share with your neighbors, friends and family members.
Wishing everyone a great week,

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Sep 15 2014

Worst People: Kanye West

Kanye West refused to continue his show on Friday night in Sydney, Australia until the entire audience was standing and dancing in physical Yeezus worship. Unfortunately for Kanye’s self-esteem, one of the audience members had a prosthetic leg and another was wheel-chair bound.

One concertgoer told the Daily Mail that he addressed the crowd saying “I can’t do this show until everybody stand up. Unless you got a handicap pass and you get special parking and s**t.” The fan waved her leg in the air and Kanye so kindly continued the show, stopping again when he saw there remained a single seated fan.

According to the tabloid, he then halted performance of “Good Life,” saying “‘This is the longest I’ve had to wait to do a song, it’s unbelievable,” before sending over a body guard to check that the fan was differently abled.


Wikipedia:  Kanye West

  Well I never heard of the guy.  But I know a fucking asshole when I see one.
Making people stand up and worship him and not going to do a show if one person is setting down?


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Sep 14 2014

Daily Kos on The Future of the Internet

Jim, here at Daily Kos we almost never send any single email out to every single one of our supporters, but today we are—because this is important to the existence of Daily Kos and there is a deadline fast approaching.
The future of the internet—including Daily Kos—is at stake. The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is considering passing a rule that would carve out a fast lane on the internet for wealthy corporations which could afford to buy priority access to have their websites load quicker.
By creating this fast lane for corporations, all of the other independent, grassroots, and start-up websites like Daily Kos would be stuck on the remaining slow lane. The internet would be severed—stuck with slower speeds on some website which can’t afford to pay, where a level playing field for start-ups couldn’t exist, and where democratic discourse would be suppressed.
We cannot let Big Telecom, Big Cable, and their lobbyists in DC, who influence the FCC, ruin the internet. You can help stop this. Please write and send a personal comment to the FCC today. You don’t have to be an expert on net neutrality to know this is about corporate greed and influence which could change every facet of the way you use the internet.
It would be an entirely different internet than what we’ve always known. One where your cable company or internet service provider would be able to favor some websites and data over others and diminish your ability to choose your own content. For example, Fox News could strike a deal to become the priority news provider of big cable and load on the fast lane, while independent media, like Daily Kos, would be reduced to a second tier internet with crawling speeds—we’d lose the largest liberal blog in the country at a time when we are needed most.
The Internet, since its inception, operates in a neutral state as a level playing field. A place where all content and data are passed along from website to user equally, allowing you, the user, to control your experience, with no interference from your internet service provider. This is net neutrality.
The FCC is considering breaking the way the internet operates and creating two internet experiences at the behest of Big Cable so they can extract more profit.
If the FCC passes this rule it would create this two-tiered internet. Instead, we need to pressure the FCC to change their rule before they vote on it. To protect the internet we know, one with net neutrality, we need the FCC to write the rules using legal authority they already have—Title II authority of the Telecommunications act—which would treat the internet like the public utility it is and prevent Big Cable from creating two internets.
Please, write and send a comment to the FCC—the deadline is September 15—urging them to reject the fast lane approach and to protect an open internet with net neutrality by treating the internet like a public utility under the law.You don’t have to be an expert on the topic to write an email—be honest and tell them why the internet is important to you—if you are a student, an internet activist, a writer, a reader, or any type of internet user, you have a voice. And, now is when we need you to use it—time is running out.
Keep fighting,
Rachel Colyer
Campaign Director, Daily Kos

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